Start-up Program : Mentoring

We know that learning from an experienced professional can significantly increase your opportunity for success. That is why we offer an industry-leading mentoring program, where you are hand-matched with a business professional that suits your needs.

Our young entrepreneurs:

  • Gain valuable business advice and guidance;
  • Enhance their business network;
  • Gain confidence from having someone in their corner.

What to expect:

  1. Once you’ve been hand-matched with a mentor, together you will complete Ment2BTM, CYBF’s online orientation program, which helps establish a foundation for your working relationship.
  2. You will then meet regularly over the next two years (with some flexibility), usually for 4-5 hours per month.

The value you gain from your mentoring relationship will help set you, and your business, on a solid path to success.

For more information about entrepreneurial mentoring check out our crash courses.

What our entrepreneurs say…

Hillery Taylor “My mentor, Joan, has made me feel like she is really in my corner. Her experience has strengthened my confidence in my ability to follow my passion and make it a success. I can’t wait to see how our relationship continues to develop.”

- Hillery Taylor, Nest Family Centre
CYBF young entrepreneur, MB

Paul Maxwell “My mentor brings not only strong business acumen, wisdom and experience, but connections and successes from his own businesses. He also taught me how to network very well — it’s the biggest gain that I have received.”

- Paul Maxwell, Maxwell’s Music House
CYBF young entrepreneur (now CYBF mentor), ON