The Big Idea Labs

Presented by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation in partnership with the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research (NRC-IRAP) Assistance Program. The Big Idea Labs is based on The Innographer’s DIY Innovation ToolkitTM developed by Dr. Alex Bruton, an entrepreneur and award-winning educator who has worked with and spoken at organizations all over the world. Behind the engaging interactions is a simple yet rigorous framework that provides the backbone of the workshops and a pioneering approach to innovation, known as deliberate opportunity design and idea modeling.

WORKSHOP 1 -  The Big Idea Pressure Test   -Turn your hunch into a breakthrough idea

The experience starts with THE BIG IDEA PRESSURE TEST, an eye opening and inspiring four-hour workshop that provides leading edge practical tools and a powerful lens through which you’ll begin to look differently at everything you do. In a safe yet challenging environment, the goal is for you to evolve a concept into one of the audacious few that will ever evolve into a truly highly impactful new venture.

You’ll see insightful and sometimes surprising examples of how a deliberate and back-to-basics approach to opportunity design and idea modeling can help you get out of the idea rut and beat the overwhelming odds. You’ll build and put to use a toolkit of idea modeling canvases and deliberate design techniques to help you design and assess for really big value. Join in the experience and take away the DIY tools for doing it now and in the future – either on the back of the next napkin you run into or as the backbone of your own new high impact venture.

WORKSHOP 2  - The Big Idea Traction Studio  - From breakthrough concept to the next game-changer

In the first workshop you will have improved the odds your concept faces. But it’s not that easy. THE BIG IDEA TRACTION STUDIO takes you on an even deeper dive into the iterative idea and opportunity design process. Through this session you’ll experience the full design thinking approach to the conception, design, prototyping, testing, pitching and innovation of new venture concepts. And you’ll leave having analyzed your concept and knowing what it takes to design the next game changer.

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McMaster University, Centre for Continuing Education
50 Main Street East
Jan 27 and Feb 24, 2014 – FULL
Accelerator Centre
295 Hagey Blvd.
Jan 29 and Feb 26, 2014 – FULL
Fanshawe College
1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard
Jan 27 and Feb 24, 2014 – FULL
Markham Small Business Centre
7271 Warden Avenue
Jan 31 and Feb 28, 2014 – FULL
Invest Ottawa
80 Aberdeen Street
Jan 31 and Feb 28, 2014 – FULL
Canadian Youth Business Foundation
133 Richmond Street West
Jan 27 and Feb 24, 2014 – FULL

Jan 28 and Feb 25, 2014 – FULL


University of Windsor, Vanier Hall
2732 Wyandotte Street West
Jan 28 and Feb 25, 2014 – FULL
Trent University – Oshawa
55 Thornton Road
Jan 31 and Feb 28, 2014 – FULL
The cost to attend both workshops in your community is $35 + HST.

All workshops are from 9:00am-2:00pm. A one-hour light lunch is included in the price.

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