Do you have a passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and social impact? Do you want to learn from accomplished entrepreneurs and changemakers, and work on your own ideas with the support of international mentors and peers? If yes, then you should join the Craft Your Business Future Bootcamp.

The Craft Your Business Future Bootcamp is a unique opportunity for young individuals who want to create positive change in the world. You will receive valuable input in the fields of entrepreneurship, exponential strategies, and the latest technology trends, as well as personal growth and thinking.

What can you expect from the Craft Your Business Future Bootcamp? Here are some of the highlights:

Day 1: Welcome and Introduction

You will check in and get to know each other, and set your expectations and goals for the program. You will also listen to keynotes by experts, who will share their insights and experiences. You will then join an ideation workshop, where you will identify problems, generate ideas, and team up with other peers.

Day 2: 48-hour Hackathon

You will continue working on your ideas with the help of mentors, who will support you with prototyping, product development, business planning, marketing, finance, and more. You will also have a fireside chat with an investor, who will give you tips and feedback on how to pitch your idea and attract funding.

Day 3: Pitch Training and Final Pitch Night

You will prepare your presentation with experienced coaches and present your final projects and prototypes in front of a jury and an audience, who will evaluate your ideas and give you feedback. You will also enter the global community of Craft Your Business Future, where you will join a network of young ambitious individuals..

How can you join the Craft Your Business Future Bootcamp? It’s easy:

  • Select the Bootcamp you want to participate in. We have different locations and dates to choose from.
  • Fill in and submit your application. Tell us about yourself, your background, aspirations, and passions.
  • Send us your parent’s approval, if you are under 18. We need their consent to accept you into the program.
  • We will inform you via email within 2 weeks if you get accepted. We have limited spots, so hurry up and apply now.
  • Pay your ticket. The ticket price covers the program fee, food, and accommodation. We also offer scholarships and discounts for those who need them.
  • Join the Bootcamp. Take action. Have fun. Stay connected, get access to more opportunities and resources, and keep creating positive change in the world.

Are you ready to join the Craft Your Business Future Bootcamp? Don’t miss this chance to unleash your potential and make your ideas happen. Sign up now and start crafting your business future today!